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43. "Letters to my Pupils."

It has been heretofore mentioned that it was my custom, while engaged in the work of instruction, to address and read to those under my care, once in three weeks, a letter on some subject of mutual interest, or desired improvement. The present volume, of three hundred and forty-one pages, has this basis, and closes with brief biographical tributes to such of our loved associates as had been early summoned to "begin the travel of eternity."


44. "Olive Leaves."

A book for the young, containing, in three hundred and eight pages, Narrative, Biography, and History, in prose and poetry, imbued, as the name imports, with that spirit of peace which it seems should form an integral part of Christian education. Both this and the preceding work were published by the brothers Carter, of New York.


45. "Examples of Life and Death."

This volume, of three hundred and forty-eight pages, issued by Mr. Charles Scribner, of New York, comprises twenty-four biographical sketches, selected