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sheet for the writer's pen, is he indifferent whether the, [91] pulp be pure? if he would tinge it with the cerulean or the rose-tint, does he neglect to infuse the colouring matter with the elemental mass? Is the builder of a lofty and magnificent edifice, careless of its foundations, and whether its columns are to rest upon a quicksand, or a quagmire? And should the maternal guardian of an immortal being, be less anxious, less skillful, less scrupulous, than the worker in wool and silk, in linen and paper, or than the artificer in brick and stone? Shall the imperishable gem of the soul, be less regarded than the "wood, bay and stubble," that moulder or consume around it?

Mothers, take into your own hands, the early instruction of your children. Commence with simple stories, from the Scriptures, from the varied annal of history, from your own observation of mankind. Let each illustrate some moral or religious truth, adapted to convey instruction, reproof or encouragement, according to your knowledge of the character and disposition of your beloved students. Care and study may be requisite to select, adapt, and simplify. But can any do this so patiently as a mother, who feels that her listening pupil is a part of herself?

Cultivate in your children, tenderness of conscience, a deep sense of accountability to God, a