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interest in their welfare, or were they admitted to be the companions of princes, should we be insensible to the honour? Let us not then with a wholly unreconciled spirit, see them go to be angels among angels, and to dwell gloriously in the presence of that " high and holy One, who inhabiteth Eternity." [212]

Is it not a holy privilege to add to the number of those, who serve God without sin? You must not now behold the dazzling of their celestial wings, as they unfold them without weariness to do his will. But those whom you rocked in your cradle, whom you consecrated by prayer, and in baptism, are of that host. You cannot hear the melody of ethereal harps, attuned to unending praise. But they in whose hearts early piety was implanted by your prayers, who learned from your lips to warble the sacred hymn at eve, swell that exulting strain. Perhaps, from their cloudless abode, they still watch over you. Perhaps, with a seraph smile, they hover around you. Will they not rejoice to behold you walking to meet them, with a placid brow and submissive spirit, solacing yourself with such deeds of goodness to others, as are approved in the sight of heaven?

Afflictions, are often the instruments of increasing, and maturing, the "peaceable fruits of righteousness." Peculiar ones ought therefore to produce