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Is not the same love in the hearts of us all, who are mothers? And wherefore has it been placed there, that deathless love? Sisters, why is it placed there?

To expend itself in the physical care of our children, in the indulgence of their appetites? A nurse, or a servant might do this, for money. To adorn their persons? That is the milliner's province. To secure showy accomplishments? A fashionable teacher will do this better. To spend itself on aught that earth can bestow? I pray you not thus to degrade its essence or its mission.

The wisdom that never errs, attempers means to ends. It proportions the strongest affections to the greatest needs. It arms the timid, domestic bird, with an eagle's courage, when its young are to be defended. It has implanted in our bosoms, a love, next in patience to that of a Redeemer, that we may perform the ministry of an angel, and help to people with angels, the court of Heaven.