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Subclass K

K1-7720 Law in general. Comparative and uniform law. Jurisprudence
K1-36.5   Periodicals
K37-44 Bibliography
K46 Monographic series
K48 Encyclopedias
K50-54 Dictionaries. Words and phrases
K58 Maxims. Quotations
K(64) Yearbooks
K68-70 Directories
K85-89 Legal research
K94 Legal composition and draftsmanship
K100-103 Legal education
K109-110 Law societies. International bar associations
K115-130 The legal profession
K133 Legal aid. Legal assistance to the poor
K140-165 History of law
K170 Biography
K(175) Congresses
K(176)-(177) Collected works (nonserial)
K(179) Addresses, essays, lectures
K181-184.7 Miscellany
K190-195 Ethnological jurisprudence. Primitive law
K201-487 Jurisprudence. Philosophy and theory of law
K202   Periodicals
K212-213 Methodology
K215-218 History
K236 Universality and non-universality of law
K237-264 The concept of law
K270-274 Acts and events
K280-286 Sources of law
K288-296 Interpretation and construction of law. Lacunae in law
K300-304 Classification of law. Typology
K321-474 Schools of legal theory
K325-328   Historical jurisprudence
K330-344 Positivism
K366-380 Sociology of law. Sociological jurisprudence
K400-474 Natural law
K486-487 Relation of law to other topics
K(520)-5582 Comparative law. International uniform law
K524-525 Treaties and other international agreements
K540-546 Trials
K578-579 Concepts applying to several branches of law
K583-(591) Legal systems compared
K592-597 Regional divisions. Interregional comparative law
K600-615 Private law
K605-615 Unification
K623-968 Civil law
K625-709 Persons
K670-709 Domestic relations. Family law