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Subclass PJ

PJ1-(9500) Oriental philology and literature
PJ1-489   General
PJ1-(195)   Languages
PJ306-489 Literature
PJ601-989 Special groups
PJ601-621 Christian Oriental
PJ701-989 Islamic
PJ991-995 Afroasiatic languages
PJ1001-1989 Egyptology
PJ1091-1109 Egyptian writing and its decipherment
PJ1111-1446 Language
PJ1481-1989 Literature. Inscriptions
PJ2001-2199 Coptic
PJ2340-2399 Libyco-Berber languages. Berber languages
PJ2353-2367 Libyan group
PJ2369-2399 Berber languages
PJ2401-2594 Cushitic languages
PJ3001-3097 Semitic philology and literature
PJ3101-(3971) Assyriology. Akkadian
PJ3231-3595 Language
PJ3601-(3971) Literature. Inscriptions
PJ4001-(4091) Sumerian
PJ4101-4197 West and North Semitic languages
PJ4171-4197 Phoenician-Punic
PJ4501-5192 Hebrew
PJ4543-4937 Language (Biblical and modern)
PJ4951-4996 Medieval Hebrew
PJ5001-5060 Literature
PJ5050-5055.51   Individual authors and works
PJ5061-5192 Other languages used by Jews
PJ5111-5192 Yiddish
PJ5201-5329.5 Aramaic
PJ5211-5289 West Aramaic
PJ5211-5219.5 Biblical (Chaldaic)
PJ5229 Palmyrene inscriptions
PJ5239 Nabataean inscriptions
PJ5241-5249 Christian Palestinian
PJ5251-5259 Jewish Palestinian
PJ5271-5279 Samaritan
PJ5281-5289 Neo-Aramaic
PJ5301-5329.5 East Aramaic
PJ5321-5329.5 Mandaean
PJ5401-5809 Syriac
PJ5414-5495 Language
PJ5601-5695 Literature
PJ5701-5709 East Syriac (Nestorian)
PJ5711-5719 West Syriac (Jacobite)
PJ5801-5809 Neo Syriac dialects (Modern Syriac)
PJ5901-5909 South Semitic languages