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PT7597     Local
PT7598-7599 Individual authors or works
PT7601-8260 Danish literature
PT7601-7869 Literary history and criticism
PT7721-7762 Special periods
PT7770-7794 Poetry
PT7800-7832 Drama
PT7835-7869 Prose
PT(7900)-7930 Folk literature
PT7935 Juvenile literature (General)
PT7945-8046 Collections
PT7975-7994 Poetry
PT7999-8020 Drama
PT8021-8046 Prose
PT8050-8177.36 Individual authors or works
PT8050 Medieval
PT8060-8098 16th-18th centuries
PT8070-8094.5   Holberg, Ludvig
PT8100-8167 19th century
PT8102-8120 Andersen, Hans Christian
PT8145-8157 Oehlenschläger, Adam Gottlob
PT8174-8175 1900-1960
PT8176-8176.36 1961-2000
PT8177-8177.36 2001-
PT8205-8260 Provincial, local, foreign
PT8301-9155 Norwegian literature
PT8301-8574 Literary history and criticism
PT(8420)-8456 Special periods
PT8460-8489 Poetry
PT8500-8534 Drama
PT8540-8574 Prose
PT(8600)-(8637) Folk literature
PT8640 Juvenile literature (General)
PT8650-8733 Collections
PT8675-8695 Poetry
PT8699-8718 Drama
PT8719-8723 Prose
PT8750-8952.36 Individual authors or works
PT8750-8775 16th-18th centuries
PT8800-8942 19th century
PT8851-8900 Ibsen, Henrik
PT8949-8950 1900-1960
PT8951-8951.36 1961-2000
PT8952-8952.36 2001-
PT9000-9094 Landsmaal or New Norwegian
PT9000-9019 Literary history and criticism
PT9025-9055 Collections
PT9064-9094 Individual authors
PT9100-9155 Provincial, local, foreign
PT9201-9999 Swedish literature
PT9201-9499 Literary history and criticism