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SB469-(476.4)   Landscape gardening. Landscape architecture
SB481-486 Parks and public reservations
Including theory, management, history
SB599-990.5 Pests and diseases
SB608   Individual or types of plants or trees
SB610-615 Weeds, parasitic plants, etc.
SB617-618 Poisonous plants
SB621-795 Plant pathology
SB818-945 Economic entomology
SB950-990.5 Pest control and treatment of diseases. Plant protection
SB950.9-970.4   Pesticides
SB973-973.5 Soil disinfection
SB974-978 Organic plant protection. Biological control
SB979.5-985 Inspection. Quarantine
SB992-998 Economic zoology applied to crops. Agricultural zoology
Including animals injurious and beneficial to plants