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Subclass T

T1-995 Technology (General)
T10.5-11.9   Communication of technical information
T11.95-12.5 Industrial directories
T55-55.3   Industrial safety. Industrial accident prevention
T55.4-60.8 Industrial engineering. Management engineering
T57-57.97 Applied mathematics. Quantitative methods
T57.6-57.97   Operations research. Systems analysis
T58.4 Managerial control systems
T58.5-58.64 Information technology
T58.6-58.62 Management information systems
T58.7-58.8 Production capacity. Manufacturing capacity
T59-59.2 Standardization
T59.5 Automation
T59.7-59.77 Human engineering in industry. Man-machine systems
T60-60.8 Work measurement. Methods engineering
T61-173 Technical education. Technical schools
T173.2-174.5 Technological change
T175-178 Industrial research. Research and development
T201-342 Patents. Trademarks
T351-385 Mechanical drawing. Engineering graphics
T391-995 Exhibitions. Trade shows. World's fairs