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Subclass TH

TH1-9745 Building construction
TH845-895   Architectural engineering. Structural engineering of buildings
TH900-915 Construction equipment in building
TH1000-1725 Systems of building construction
Including fireproof construction, concrete construction
TH2025-3000 Details in building design and construction
Including walls, roofs
TH3301-3411 Maintenance and repair
TH4021-4977 Buildings: Construction with reference to use
Including public buildings, dwellings
TH5011-5701 Construction by phase of the work (Building trades)
TH6014-6081 Environmental engineering of buildings. Sanitary engineering of buildings
TH6101-6887 Plumbing and pipefitting
TH7005-7699 Heating and ventilation. Air conditioning
TH7700-7975 Illumination. Lighting
TH8001-8581 Decoration and decorative furnishings
TH9025-9745 Protection of buildings
Including protection from dampness, fire, burglary