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Subclass TS

TS1-2301 Manufactures
TS155-194   Production management. Operations management
TS195-198.8 Packaging
TS200-770 Metal manufactures. Metalworking
TS780-788 Stonework
TS800-937 Wood technology. Lumber
TS840-915   Wood products. Furniture
TS920-937 Chemical processing of wood
TS940-1047 Leather industries. Tanning
TS1060-1070 Furs
TS1080-1268 Paper manufacture and trade
TS1300-1865 Textile industries
TS1870-1935 Rubber industry
TS1950-1982 Animal products
TS2120-2159 Cereals and grain. Milling industry
TS2220-2283 Tobacco industry
TS2284-2288 Animal feeds and feed mills. Pet food industry