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Subclass U

U1-900 Military science (General)
U21-22.3   War. Philosophy. Military sociology
U27-43 History of military science
U45 Historiography
U56-59 Army clubs
U150-155 Military planning
U161-163 Strategy
U164-167.5 Tactics
U168 Logistics
U250-255 Maneuvers (combined arms)
U260 Joint operations. Combined operations
U261 Amphibious warfare
U262 Commando tactics
U263-264.5 Atomic warfare. Atomic weapons
U300-305 Artillery and rifle ranges
U310-310.2 War games
U320-325 Physical training of soldiers
U400-714 Military education and training
U750-773 Military life, manners and customs, antiquities, etc.
U799-897 History of arms and armor