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Subclass BX

BX1-9999 Christian Denominations
BX1-9.5   Church unity. Ecumenical movement. Interdenominational cooperation
BX100-189 Eastern churches. Oriental churches
BX100-107   General
BX120-129 Armenian Church
BX130-139 Coptic Church
BX140-149 Ethiopic or Abyssinian Church
BX150-159 Nestorian, Chaldean, or East Syrian Church
BX160-169 St. Thomas Christians. Malabar Christians. Mar Thoma Syrian Church
BX170-179 Syrian or Jacobite Church
BX180-189 Maronite Church
BX200-756 Orthodox Eastern Church
BX200-395 General
BX400-756 Divisions of the church
BX400-440   Patriarchates of the East. Melchites
BX450-450.93 Church of Cyprus
BX460-605 Russian Church
BX610-620 Church of Greece
BX630-639 Orthodox Church in Austria and Hungary
BX650-659 Bulgarian Church
BX660-669 Georgian Church
BX670-679 Montenegrin Church
BX690-699 Romanian Church
BX710-719 Serbian Church. Yugoslav Church
BX720-729 Orthodox Eastern Church, Macedonian
BX729.5 Orthodox Eastern Church, Ukrainian
BX729.9-755 Orthodox Church in other regions or countries
BX800-4795 Catholic Church
BX800-839 Periodicals. Societies, councils, congresses, etc.
BX840 Museums. Exhibitions
BX841 Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
BX845 Directories. Yearbooks
BX847 Atlases
BX850-875 Documents
BX880-891 General collected works
BX895-939 Study and teaching
BX940-1745 History
Including lives of popes
BX1746-1755 Theology. Doctrine. Dogmatics
BX1756 Sermons
BX1760-1779.5 Controversial works
BX1781-1788 Catholic Church and other churches
BX1790-1793 Catholic Church and the state
BX1800-1920 Government and organization
BX1958-1968 Creeds and catechisms
BX1969 Forms of worship. Catholic practice
BX1970-2175 Liturgy and ritual