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Subclass D

D1-2027 History (General)
D1-24.5   General
D25-27 Military and naval history
D31-34 Political and diplomatic history
D51-90 Ancient history
D101-110.5 Medieval and modern history, 476-
D111-203 Medieval history
D135-149   Migrations
D151-173 Crusades
D175-195 Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Latin Orient, 1099-1291
D200-203 Later medieval. 11th-15th centuries
D(204)-(475) Modern history, 1453-
D219-234 1453-1648
D242-283.5 1601-1715. 17th century
D251-271   Thirty Years’ War, 1618-1648
D274.5-6 Anglo French War, 1666-1667
D275-276 War of Devolution, 1667-1668
D277-278.5 Dutch War, 1672-1678
D279-280.5 War of the Grand Alliance, 1688-1697
D281-283.5 War of Spanish Succession, 1701-1714
D284-297 1715-1789. 18th century
D291-294 War of Austrian Succession, 1740-1748
D297 Seven Years’ War, 1756-1763
D299-(475) 1789-
D301-309 Period of the French Revolution
D351-400 19th century. 1801-1914/1920
D371-(379)   Eastern question
D383 1815-1830. Congress of Vienna
D385-393 1830-1870
D394-400 1871-. Later-19th century
D410-(475) 20th century
D461-(475) Eastern question
D501-680 World War I (1914-1918)
D720-728 Period between World Wars (1919-1939)
D731-838 World War II (1939-1945)
D839-860 Post war history (1945- )
D880-888 Developing countries
D890-893 Eastern Hemisphere
D900-2009 Europe (General)
D901-980 Description and travel
D1050-2027 History