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in charge; the bricks and building materials being appropriated to the erection of a residence for Mr. Batman, on what is now called Batman's Hill, which was the first habitation regularly formed at Port Phillip. Having been bred a bricklayer, I superintended the putting up of the chimneys, although it was so many years since I had learned the trade under my good old master, Mr. Wyatt.

Other families continued to arrive, a great excitement having been created in the adjacent colonies, by the reports made of the discovery of excellent sheep and cattle pasturage; and, particularly amongst the settlers in Van Diemen's Land, who were already induced to embark large amounts in the speculation; many others also coming amongst us for the purpose of ascertaining the value of the country thus opened up, and the propriety of changing their abodes.

All things went on very quietly, until several of the Sydney blacks, and others, began to be too familiar with the native women; and at length, one of the latter came to me, saying, she had been seized by one of the shepherds, who had tied her up, but, that when he was asleep she had broken loose, and had run away to me for protection. I considered it my duty to mention the circumstance to Mr. Gellibrand, pointing out the consequences that would ensue if this conduct was persisted in; knowing well the vindictive vengeance of the natives, who, as I have already shown, are exceedingly jealous in all such matters. That gentleman immediately sent for the man accused, but he denied all