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consequence of which the Regiment was formed into three battalions. Major-General the Earl of Chatham was appointed Colonel-Commandant of the second battalion, and Major-General Lord Charles Somerset Colonel-Commandant of the third.

"On the 3rd September the Prince of Wales was pleased to present a pair of new colours to the first battalion on Barham Downs. The Regiment was formed in square, and his Royal Highness addressed the officers and men as follows:—

"'It affords me the highest satisfaction to have the honor of presenting this gallant and distinguished corps with their colours. Nothing but a blameless accident could have deprived you of those you possessed before, and I now replace them, under the firmest conviction that there is not a Regiment in his Majesty's service, that will ever support and defend its colours with more valour and gallantry than the Fourth, or King's Own. It considerably enhances the pleasure I feel on this occasion, that the ceremony has happened on a day when every British heart must be filled with gladness at the tidings which have just been received of the heroic actions our brave countrymen have achieved, in endeavouring to rescue Holland from the detestable tyranny of France; and I perceive with true pride, that every countenance I behold partakes of the noble ardour, and that every heart is panting to share in their laurels and glory.'

"In a few days after the presentation of the new colours, the Regiment was ordered to proceed on foreign