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A great many trees blown up by the roots. Did not see any natives, but many of their huts, in which were numbers of cockle and muscle shells. A few birds, such as parrots and quails, but no quadrupeds or fish along the shore. Returned on board by no means satisfied with the country. The Captain and the Governor went on shore also, but they found only a very small stream of good water.

[Near what is now called Arthur's Seat, to the eastward of the bar.]

October 11.—The same party and myself went to the Island in the middle of the Bay, where we saw a great number of black swans. Three were killed, and many caught alive, and also pellicans, and some sea birds. Captain Woodriff and the Governor, with Mr. Tuckey, went on the west side of the Bay, in search of water, but could not find any. Three of the natives came to us, and were very friendly. They gave Mr. Tuckey a spear. The information the Governor, &c., gave us, was by no means favorable, there being a great want of good water, soil, and trees.

October 12.—Sent a party on shore cutting grass, and another watering. At 7 a.m. the Governor, Captain Woodriff, and Lieutenant Tuckey, went in search of water, and to see the same three natives. The Colonial Surgeon reports the water found by sinking wells, to be good and fit for use. The Captain gave one of the natives a blanket. Sent the carpenter on shore to look for wood fit for his purposes.

October 13.—The carpenter returned, not having found timber fit for securing the head and knees of the ship. Sent the small launch watering, and a party of officers went in her surveying on the S. E. part of the Bay.

October 14.—Sent the Master up the Bay to sound for a convenient place to take the ship to, for removing the colonial stores. At 30 m. past 9 a.m. he returned, and reported good anchorage three or four miles further to the eastward. At 10 cleared hawse. Sent on shore a party of the Colonial Marines, also some convicts,