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that the man had much ill in him. His death was in keeping with such a life, for having tumbled into his lair in a state of intoxication, there is little doubt that he was smothered amongst the straw.

Rab was known by almost every person in the west of Scotland for his eccentricity of manners and appearance he being generally clothed in rags, made up of three, and sometimes four, pair of trousers, with as many jackets. It is stated that various wagers were won by various noblemen and gentlemen by Ha's voracious appetite, as he was a great favourite amongst them, frequently getting his victuals at their houses.

On one occasion, Rab being on a trip to Rothsay, upon his return home, two gentlemen undertook a wager that Rab would eat seven pounds of ship biscuit! Rab no sooner heard of this treat than he commenced work, but the biscuit proving too hard for his jaws, he was obliged to give over after having eaten about fourpound of them; however, the gentleman betting upon the appetite of Rab knew the bottom of his stomach better than to lose his money in that way. Rab being a little chagrined at his