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Henry his ſon aſpiring to the throne, tho’ Edward had left two ſons behind him, viz Edward and Richard, and ſeveral daughters, all lawfully begotten with the Queen, he quarrelled with Lord Haſtings, (who after the death of the King had taken Jane Shore, for his concubine, as now free) becauſe he would not aſſiſt him in his wicked project, of making away with his two nephews, whom he afterwards cauſed to be murdered in the Tower, alledging that the Queen and Shore’s wife had bewitched him, ſhewing his withered arm, which all knew had been ſo from his cradle; and, that Lord thinking to excuſe them, ſaid if they have done ſo, they ought to be puniſhed Richard furiouſly replied, Thou traitor, doſt thou ſerve me with ifs? I ſay, It is a truch very well known to thee, that they have done ſo, and that I will make good on thy body: wherefore I arreſt thee, Lord Haſtings, for high treaſon. And ſoon after, he cauſed his head to be cut off in the Tower.