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were ejected from a volcano, it must have been nearer than the Bromok.

The route for more than an hour or so was very uninteresting. We observed hedges of bamboo on both sides, varied occasionally by Hibiscus; and, beyond these, tall trees, at the roots of which grew long thin grass of a light straw colour. As we proceeded, we saw horses descending with all the care and agility of mountain goats, their backs heavy laden with bundles of fire-wood, baskets of cabbages, and other vegetables, for the towns and villages on the plain. These are met by others wending their way homewards, carrying bales of prints, calicoes, &c. for clothing; or food for the comfort of the families living in the mountains.

Further on we came in view of the Tengerr chain, somewhat like a saddle in shape, covered, like the lesser hills, with verdure and cultivation. Far in the rear of us, stood the Ardjunoe and