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carried on, amongst which the most cruel was that of taking young chickens from their baskets and throwing them into the air, to be scrambled for as they fell to the ground. This produced a scene of great excitement, everyone being anxious to secure one of the poor creatures, or even a leg or wing, for good luck. Air. Van Rhee succeeded in saving two of these devoted little chicks, which he presented to my* wife. She accepted one, and handed the other to our hostess. Ours travelled with us in the Rees-Wagen all through Java, lived some time in Singapore with other live stock, and finally returned with us to England, where she excites no little admiration in our " farmyard," in which she is known by the name of " Bromok."

I went, accompanied by the Mandor, to the east side of the volcano, where some huge boulders of black, burnt-looking stone, known by the name of Batu cuda, or Stone Horse, covered a great portion of the Sand Sea. Here I had a view of the other