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for his boy, and asked him if he had told the Resident of our wish to go to Malang? On the servant replying in the affirmative, the landlord turned to me, saying, as he handed the paper back,

"It looks queer, sir, but no doubt it is all right—at all events they will make it all clear to you at Malang."

Encouraged by this assurance of our landlord, we at once started, for the horses had been for some time impatiently pawing the ground, and the coucer had several times turned his head to see if we were coming.

During the drive we passed through a variety of scenery. The country was occasionally open and wooded, sometimes undulating and flat, with occasional glimpses of mountains, the Ardjuno and Indrokito being those first seen after leaving Passeroewan; and those called Kawi, Kresi, and Kloet near Malang.