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well" to the man, and he made his exit, bowing in true military fashion, for he had once been a soldier, and was particularly anxious all should know it.

At the time appointed I went to the Resident's house, which is situated in a beautiful garden adjoining the outer wall of the hotel in which we were residing, and was directed, by the opus, a messenger and watchman combined, to go to the kontoor, or office. On presenting myself to the Resident, he seemed at first rather inclined to show his displeasure at my having broken through the usual regulations; but my plea of ignorance of the Dutch language, together with the fact of my being a family man, soon dissipated any preconceived suspicion he might have formed as to my intentions in visiting Making, and obtained for me a promise that he would communicate by telegraph with the Resident at Passeroewan, asking him to grant me the few days I requested in order that