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of the river, I crossed next morning in a boat, which, during the time the bridge was undergoing repairs, was provided for passengers, and made my call upon the Resident. In his garden I saw some figures which he subsequently told me had been found in the neighbourhood. They were different from those we had seen at Singasari or Malang. Two were painted quite black, had prominent eyes, flat noses, and long hair running in rows of curls across the back of the head, and partially down the back. The left hand grasped a Titanic club, and the right rested on the left knee. They were seated, and looked so fierce and warlike, that I fancied they probably represented the war-gods of ancient times.

The Resident gave me an account of everything interesting that was to be seen in the environs, and kindly promised to lend us ponies for an excursion to the hills of Salomanglain, where, he said, Ave should see some remains of the Buddhists.

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