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ing his men, in order to lead them to her aid. But just as he was prepared to start, he was sur- prised to see his two wives ready to follow him, under the fear that the martial volunteer him- self might yield to the charms of the beautiful divinity. Enraged at being thus suspected. Slam- bey ordered the women immediately to return home; and, on their refusal, commanded the one to be chained, and the other nailed to two stone altars, after which he transformed them into stone for their disobedience. Sallying forth, he then de- feated the Kajah of Bandong, and freed Durga from his distasteful wooing. On returning to his home, he built the temple of Mandoot, in which he placed the two figures of his refractory wives, as a warning to other jealous women. The exterior walls are decorated with figures of Durga, and sculp- tures representing her exploits.

When the temple was finished, and he began to feel the want of something to employ his mind, the

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