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rogo road. We were received, on alighting from our carriage, by the Regent, a mere youth, and his uncle the Tumungong addy patti, the acting Regent during the minority of his nephew. Several Chinese were seated on the straw matting which was extended over the stone floor of a lar<ze covered verandah in which the auction was to be held, and which formed a sort of entrance hall to the house. Others stood listlessly about, fanning themselves the whole time their pates clean shaven, except a portion at the back of the head, the hair of which hung in long neat plaits nearly to their heels. All wore spotless white grass cloth bajus, and dark blue baggy trousers, the captains and lieutenants of each cam- pong being easily distinguishable from the rest by their grey flowered silk robes reaching to the calves of their legs, and by their small skull caps with a red mandarin knob on the summit of each. Shortly after our arrival, a carriage drove up, bringing

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