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parties both witliin and without the dominions of the Sultan, claimed a right to share the throne and the revenues of the country ; and Hamanku, anxious to spare uiuieccssary bloodshed, decided to invite the Dutch to act as arbitrators and settle the dispute. This they did in a manner con- formable to the political game they were then playing.

They divided the kingdom of Padjang into the provinces of Soerakarta and Djokdjokarta, thus weakening what was once a powerful state. The former and larger of the two divisions, situated about the middle of the island, they made the seat of the Susuhunan, or object of adoration ; and in the latter they placed Plamanku's brother, with the title of Hamangkoe Bewono I., Sultan of Djokdja. From these princes are descended the present Emperor and Sultan.

The Susuhunan, whose person is held sacred by his subjects, dwells in the Kraton which I sub-

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