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Here "Rollo" comes from Cambridge, led by Soule;
And so they come, a long and loving roll.

Forward, like fishes to be fed, they press,
Some must be first— the last are not the less.
Down years remote the brilliant line I see,
And every face turns hitherward—ah me!
How shining baits lure man as well as maid.
How hearts will hanker for the things that fade !

Across the coming century, thy line
Is stretched, Papyrus, and I see it shine
From that far end, while this end curtains drape,
For here stands Time, and winds the golden tape.

To you then, brethren, is our message Sent
To every embryo ex-President:
"We salute you. While yet you have us here
Treat us full tenderly, and hold us dear.
Receive us often at the banquet gay.
For our poor cup of wine, be proud to pay.
We are your veterans, scarred on breast and brow;
Let us run this Club's business—we know how."

And when thro' Time,—say forty years and nine,—
We get full fifty Presidents in line.
Behold, we can outvote the younger men;
And we shall bind them to our service then.
In their white faces on that day we'll shake
The rule and precedent that now we make ;
And we the old presiders, then shall speak.
Saying, "Young men, receive us every week."
And they will gnash their teeth, but eke be dumb,
While we enjoy our soft millenium.