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Witness. Prisoner introduced me to Devoy and said: "This is Corporal Fitzgerald," and I spoke to him. Devoy said O'Reilly had spoken to him several times about me, and said he should like to get me. We three sat down together and I asked Devoy who was carrying on this affair. He said Stephens. I asked, were there any arms or ammunition. He said there was, and they were getting lots every day from America, I asked who were to be their officers. He said there would be plenty of officers. He said it was so carried on that privates did not know their non-commissioned officers, nor they their officers. Devoy then left the room and the prisoner went after him. After a few minutes prisoner came and told me that Devoy wanted to speak to me. I went down to the yard and found Devoy there. He said, "I suppose O'Reilly has told you what I want with you."

Prisoner. I respectfully object, sir. What the witness now states to have taken place, was not in my presence.

Court decided that the answer should be given.

Witness. I said that I did not know. He said that it was for the purpose of joining them he wanted me, and that there was an oath necessary to be taken. I said I would not take the oath, and he then said that he would not trust any man that did not take the oath. We then returned upstairs. Nothing further took place.

President. What did you mean by using the words, "This business"?

Witness. I meant the Fenian conspiracy. When I went upstairs I saw the prisoner, who bade me good-night. The next time I saw him was one evening I met him in town coming from the barracks. Some arrests took place that day, and I said, "This business is getting serious." He said it was, and that my name had been mentioned at a meeting a few nights before. I asked what meeting, and he said a military meeting. I asked him who mentioned my name, and he said he did not know exactly, but that it was a man of the Fifth Dragoon Guards. He added, "If you come home to-night I will take you to a similar meeting." I gave him no decided answer. I afterwards met him in the barracks. This all occurred before the meeting at Hoey's, of which I stated. When I met him in the barracks he asked me was I going out. I replied that I was. He said, "Will you meet me at the sign of the 'Two Soldiers'? "I said yes, and went there and waited until O'Reilly came in. He called for some drink, and after we drank we left the house, but came back again to get my gloves, and he said, "I want to introduce you to a person." I said that I had no time and should go, but he said, "I shall not detain you a minute." I then went with him to Hoey's public house. It was on that occasion that I had the interview with Devoy of which I have given evidence.

Here the court adjourned for half an hour.

On its reassembling Corporal Fitzgerald continued his testimony: