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I might have spoken to him. The paper was read. I spoke to him at the bottom of the stairs. There were other men in the room at the time. I again spoke to him when coming here at two o'clock. I can read "some" print, but not writing. I have never tried to read a paper. It was Denny who read the paper this morning; he read it out for me.

President. What paper was it?

Witness. The paper in Sackville Street.

President. That is the Irish Times.

Capt. Whelan. Oh no, it is the Freeman's Journal!

Witness. When Denny read the paper, there were two men present; it was after this we had the conversation about the evidence.

Here the court adjourned, and having reconvened on the following day, Private Dennis Denny was recalled and examined relative to a statement made by Private Smith, the prisoner's witness, that they had a conversation the previous day concerning the evidence he had given.

Witness. I had no conversation yesterday about the evidence with Private Smith.

To the Prosecutor:

I was not aware that I read the paper yesterday in presence of Smith. He may have been there when I was reading it. I have no knowledge of having had any conversation with anybody about the evidence of Smith. Before I was recalled into court I had no conversation with any one relative to the evidence I had given previously. I am not aware that I had any conversation with Private Smith with reference to my evidence. I read a paper yesterday morning. I would not swear what men were present. I cannot say if Smith was in the room when I read it.

To the President:

I do not recollect a man who was in the room.

Prisoner. With your leave, sir, I would wish to ask Private Denny a few questions in the absence of Private Smith.

President. Leave the room, Smith.

Private Denny to Prisoner. I did not buy the paper that I read. I took it out of Private Robert Good's bed.

President. We have decided, prisoner, not to put these questions yet. You will reserve them.

Prisoner. Very well, sir.

President (to witness). Were there any persons in the room?

Witness. Four or five.

President. Were you reading aloud?

Witness. No, sir; I cannot read aloud, because I have to spell the words.

President. Have you had no conversation with any one about Smith since you read the paper?