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it, and think she would be even more so, knowing so much about all the people. I should very much like to have a talk with her about them, especially Polycarp, Clemens of Alexandria, Irenaeus and Ignatius. I should like to know if she has been taught to like Tertullian or not. … Ruskin's work seems to take nearly all day. My own needlework has hardly been touched since Mama left. Certainly I have despatched R. I think singing and reading have flourished most. I can't consider Ruskin's work has got on, because I was not at Marlboro' House last week, tho' in other respects it's all right. I think, most of my time seems spent in putting the room neat.

4, Russell Place,
August 26th, 1858.

To Miss Harris.

Margaret [1] has been kindness itself. … She urges that Andy should take a resident situation on account of her health. But Andy's heart is so clinging, id wound so fast round her home, her health even would suffer. … Her influence on the children is the fruit of three years' work. … Andy is the sunshine of her home.

4, Russell Place,
December 3rd, 1858.

Emily to Miranda.

Mr. Maurice talked to Ockey a good deal about the Bible Class at the College. He wanted to know who some of the pupils were; and Ockey said it was so interesting to hear his descriptions of the people,

  1. Octavia's half-sister, Mrs. Whelpdale.