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14 Not. Place,

November 7th, 1885.

Octavia to Mrs. Edmund Maurice.

I am so much interested to hear of all you have been seeing ; but I think I’d better write of things here. I’ve just come back from a Hampstead Heath Committee, a large, strong, determined one. They decided to bring a Bill into Parliament. Mr. S. Lefevre and Mr. Hunter went off to see Lord Mansfield’s agent. . . .

I think Deptford is in a very thriving state in many ways ; we are getting in such a quantity of local strength.

Miranda seems to me very happy, and, I hope, tolerably well. Her sweetness with everyone is beyond descrip- tion, and also her merry fun over all that takes place. She is quite delightful as a coadjutor, bringing all the people so sweetly together, and never making difficulties in anything ; and all her spirits and power come out. . . .

The Bishop of Manchester’s death is greatly felt. They say Jews, Catholics, the Greek Patriarch and people of all kinds went to the memorial service, and that they call him the “ Bishop of all denominations.”

Sarsden, Chipping Norton,

October 17th, 1885.

To Mrs. Edmund Maurice.

.... It is very delightful to escape to sunlight and colour here from Deptford and London. All, however, is, I think, going towards good with us in the work. Mr. T. is prepared to spend a good deal on the houses, with a view of raising the property ; and I hope it may be a help to us in raising the people. I hope and

believe too that I and my workers are all better for