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literary value of the Europe, America, Jerusalem, &c. they are at least psychologically curious and important; and should the opportunity arise, I hope to see these gaps filled in with workmanship which shall better correspond with that of the rest of the fabric. In speaking of the Designs which accompany the Poems in question, I was not left wholly without valued aid.

To Mr. Linnell, Mr. Samuel Palmer, and other of Blake's surviving friends, to the possessors of his works, and to Mr. William Haines, grateful acknowledgments are due of services rendered in various ways, by which the completeness of the following record of the fruitful life and labours of William Blake has been much enhanced. Especially weighty were my dear husband's obligations to the two first-mentioned gentlemen; and in his name would I sincerely thank them, and all who have furthered the undertaking.

Anne Gilchrist.

Brookbank, near Haslemere
May 15, 1863.