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The Echoing Green. The sun does arise 31
The Lamb. Little lamb, who made thee? 32
The Little Black Boy. My mother bore me in the southern wild 33
The Blossom. Merry, merry sparrow! 34
The Chimney-Sweeper. When my mother died I was very young 35
The Little Boy Lost. Father, father, where are you going? 36
The Little Boy Found. The little boy lost in the lonely fen 36
Laughing Song. When the great woods laugh with the voice of joy 37
Cradle Song. Sweet dreams form a shade 38
The Divine Image. To mercy, pity, peace, and love 40
Holy Thursday. 'Twas on a Holy Thursday, their innocent faces clean 41
Night. The Sun descending in the West 42
Spring. Sound the flute! 44
Nurse's Song. When the voices of children are heard on the green 45
Infant Joy. I have no name 46
A Dream. Once a dream did weave a shade 47
On Another's Sorrow. Can I see another's woe 48
The Voice of the Ancient Bard. Youth of delight! come hither 50

Introduction. Hear the voice of the bard 51
Earth's Answer. Earth raised up her head 52
The Clod and the Pebble. Love seeketh not itself to please 53
Holy Thursday. Is this a holy thing to see 54
The Little Girl Lost. In futurity 55
The Little Girl Found. All the night in woe 57
The Chimney Sweeper. A little black thing among the snow 59
The Sick Rose. O Rose, thou art sick! 60
Nurse's Song. When the voices of children are heard on the green 60
The Fly. Little Fly 61
The Angel. I dreamt a dream! What can it mean? 62
The Tiger. Tiger, tiger, burning bright 63
My Pretty Rose Tree. A flower was offered to me 64