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List I. Works in Colour.
Section a. Dated Works 207
Section b. Undated Works, Biblical and Sacred 235
DittoDittoPoetic and Miscellaneous 245
List II. Uncoloured Works.
Section a. Dated Works 255
Section b. Undated Works. Biblical and Sacred 264
DittoDittoPoetic and Miscellaneous 267
List III. Works of Unascertained Method.
Biblical and Sacred 275
Poetic and Miscellaneous 275
Items from the Sale Catalogues of Mr. George Smith 276
Items from the Catalogue of an Exhibition of Blake's Works in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, U.S.A. 276
Account between Blake and Mr. Butts 278
Lists of Engravings.
Works designed as well as engraved by Blake 279
Works engraved, but not designed by Blake 281
Works designed, but not engraved by Blake 283
List of Writings 283
Prospectus by Blake issued in 1793 285
Descriptive Notes of the Designs to Young's "Night Thoughts," by Frederic James Shields 289
Essay on Blake by James Smetham 309
In Memoriam F. O. Finch, by Samuel Palmer 353
Memoir of Alexander Gilchrist, by Anne Gilchrist 357