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Alive and not dead; were it not better to believe Vision

With all our might and strength, tho' we are fallen and lost?

Adam,—Eve, thou hast spoken truly; let us kneel before his feet.

(They kneel before Jehovah.)

Abel.—Are these the sacrifices of Eternity, O Jehovah? a broken spirit

And a contrite heart? O, I cannot forgive; the Accuser hath

Entered into me as into his house, and I loathe thy Tabernacles.

As thou hast said so is it come to pass: My desire is unto Cain

And he doth rule over me: therefore my soul in fumes of blood

Cries for vengeance: Sacrifice on Sacrifice, Blood on Blood.

Jehovah.—Lo, I have given you a Lamb for an atonement instead

Of the transgressor, or no Flesh or Spirit could ever live.

Abel.—Compelled I cry, O Earth, cover not the blood of Abel.

(Abel sinks down into the grave, from which arises Satan, armed in glittering scales, with a crown and a spear.)

Satan.—I will have human blood, and not the blood of bulls or goats,

And no Atonement, O Jehovah; the Elohim live on sacrifice

Of men: hence I am god of men; thou human, O Jehovah.

By the rock and oak of the Druid, creeping mistletoe and thorn,

Cain's city built with human blood, not blood of bulls and goats.

Thou shalt thyself be sacrificed to me thy God on Calvary.

Jehovah.—Such is my will {thunders) that thou thyself go to Eternal Death.