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men mean enough to participate in the proceedings, is a glorious tribute to the fidelity of the Democracy of Illinois.

Dougherty and Reynolds were nominated, and if they receive 2,500 votes in the whole State it will astonish even themselves.

We publish also the letter of our correspondent detailing the events of Tuesday—the drunken orgies of the men, who, rioting on the public money, have been a disgrace to the State, to the party and now even to themselves.

[Illinois State Register, September 25, 1858]


The following, which we clip from an eastern contemporary, is entitled "Senator Douglas and His Persecutors, or, the Battle Song of the Hyenas." It undoubtedly contains "more truth than poetry," and we cordially commend it to the careful perusal of the Illinois Danites:—

1. We'll hunt the lion down,
     We jolly bold Hyenas,
   Though honest folks may think
     We're just about as mean as
2. The devils are, who make
     Poor bigots torture people,
   Because the people can't
     Uphold said bigots' steeple,
3. O won't it be such fun
     To crush the "Little Giant"
   Who, conscious of the right,
     Is saucy and defiant?
4. Why can't he do like us—
     Stoop low for place and plunder?
   Such independence does
     Excite our wrath and wonder.
5. Of course in open day
     We never will attack him,
   For then his voice would call
     The masses up to back him;
6. But at the midnight hour
     In dark and gloomy weather,
   In some old grave-yard foul,
     We'll congregate together.
7. And lay secret plan
     To stuff with spoils our leanness;
   And hunting Douglas down
     Will gratify our meanness!