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ing it so as to receive spatterings or forcibly ejected discharges from the bowel. Place the other piece of sheeting half over the lap of the operator, permitting its free end to cover the front edge of the toilet bowl with sufficient length dropping over the edge to convey discharges into the receptacle. A folded Turkish towel should be laid over the end of the sheeting on the lap in such position as to raise the buttocks of the child slightly and to prevent contact with the surface of the sheeting.

The operator should sit with her right side next to the bowl of the toilet with the infant lying upon its back across the knees.

Care must be taken in inserting the rubber tip into the anus, and the right hand of the operator should hold it in position while the water is flowing through the tube. Greasing the tip with olive oil or with an antiseptic lubricant prevents undue irritation of the mucus membrane of the orifice. The flow may be regulated by the shut-off or by pinching the soft rubber tube of the syringe with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand.

In small children, during the administration of the full contents of one bag of water, it is not necessary to remove the rectal tip