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List of Carthusians.

Radcliffe, Robert Edmund Lowndes, 1878. Son of Major-General Robert Parker Radcliffe, R.A., Charlton, Kent. b. 1865.

Radford, Alexander William, 1830, b. 1816.

Rae, Amelius Isaac, 1848. Left the same year. b. 1834.

Raikes, Henry St. John Digby, 1877. Son of Henry Cecil Raikes, of Llwynegrin Hall, Flintshire, M.P. for Chester. b. 1863.

Raikes, Thomas Henry, 1821. Son of Thomas Raikes, of Sudbrook Park, Richmond, b. 1807. E. I. Civil Service. Judge. Retired. Resides at Clifton.

Raine, David, 1806-12, b. 1797. Solicitor.

Raine, Matthew, 1803-4, b. 1797.

Rainey, Arthur Henry, 1873.

Rainey, Robert Maximilian, 1873.

Rainier, George, 1825. Son of Daniel Rainier, of Highbury, Middlesex, b. 1813. B.N.C. Oxf. Vicar of Ninfield, Sussex; died 1872.

Rainier, John, 1825. Brother of the above, b. 1810. Capt. 98th Regt. H.M. Civil Commissioner at the Cape of Good Hope; died 1869.

Ralph, James, 1836-38, b. 1821. India.

Ram,* Stephen Adye Scott, 1878. Son of Stephen Adye Ram. 32, Oakley Square, N.W.

Ramsay, Edward Plomar, 1818, b. 1804.

Ramsay, James, 1826. Son of Andrew Ramsay, b. 1814. Lieut.-Col.; died 1878.

Ramsbotham, Henry Lindsay, 1851-53, b. 1837. Indian Army; died 1861.

Ramsden, John George, 1828, b. 1814. M.A. of St. John's Coll. Cam.; deceased.

Ramsden, Richard, 1817, b. 1804.

Ramsden, Thomas, 1819, b. 1804. Holy Orders.

Ramsden, William, 1811, b. 1801. Ch. Coll. Cam. Rector of Linwood, Lincoln.