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List of Carthusians.

Baker, Stephen Cattley, 1822. Brother of Brackstone Baker, b. 1811. St. John's Coll. Cam. Vicar of Usk, Monmouthshire.

Baker, William, 1815–16, b. 1801.

Baldwin, Edmund, 1823, b. 1810.

Balfour, Henry, 1877. Son of Lewis Balfour, b. 1863.

Ballance, Josiah Descarrieres, 1845–48. Son of John Ballance, of Clapton, b. 1829. Trin. Coll. Cam. 25th Wrangler. Vicar of Horsford, Norfolk.

Banbury, Edward, 1873. Son of William Banbury, Banker in London.

Bankhead, William Robert, 1807, b. 1792.

Bannatyne, Charles, 1817. Son of John Bannatyne, b. 1805. Ball. Coll. Oxf. Rector of Aldham, Essex.

Bannister, Charles George, 1808–11. Son of J. Bannister, b. 1796. Solicitor to the War Office, d. 1858.

Bannister, Charles William, 1838. Son of the above, b. 1826. 2nd Bombay Light Cavalry. Medal. Governor of Maidstone Gaol, d. 1874.

Barham, Charles Henry, 1821. Son of late Joseph Foster Barham, M.P., b. 1809. Ch. Ch. Oxf. M.P. for Appleby 1831–2. Afterwards took Holy Orders, and became Rector of Barming, Kent, d. 1878.

Baring, James Drummond, 1822. Son of Henry Baring, and nephew of the first Lord Ashburton, b. 1809.

Barker, 1803.

Barker, Benjamin, 1826, b. 1814. Caius Coll. Cam. Holy Orders. Shipdham, Norfolk.

Barker, Frederick Hubert, 1878. Son of F. Barker, of Leeds.

Barker, Henry John, 1851-55, b. 1837.

Barker,* John, 1813-18, b. 1800.

Barker, Joseph Henry, 1822. Son of Joseph Gibbs Barker, b. 1809. St. John's Coll. Cam. Wrangler. Chaplain of the County Gaol, Hereford.

Barker, Richard, 1805-8, b. 1791. Solicitor.

Barker, Richard, 1821. Son of Francis E. Barker, Solicitor, Chester, b. 1808. Solicitor at Chester, d. 1877.