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List of Carthusians.

Bickner, Otto, 1805-9, b. 1794. Barrister.

Biddulph, Theophilus, 1817-18. Son of Rev. Thos. Biddulph, of Bristol, b. 1802. Scholar of Corpus Coll. Oxf. 2nd Class Lit. Hum.

Bignell, William Philips, 1814, b. 1803. Went to Westminster.

Bill, John, 1812-13. Son of John Bill, of Farley Hall. Staffordshire, b. 1799. J.P., d. 1853.

Bingham, Peregrine, 1831. Son of late P. Bingham, Police Magistrate, b. 1820. Jesus Coll. Cam. Holy Orders (resigned his Orders).

Bingley, Henry Campbell Alchorne, 1876. Son of Rev. R. M. Bingley (below).

Bingley, John George, 1847-49. Son of Henry Bingley, of Woodford, b. 1834. B.N.C. Oxf. Rector of Snodland.

Bingley, Robert Mildred, 1847-48. Brother of the above, b. 1829. Trin. Coll. Cam. Rector of Braiseworth.

Birch, Charles, 1844-50. Son of Rev. E. Birch, late Rector of Windlesham, Surrey, b. 1832. Scholar of St. John's Coll. Cam. Rector of Foots Cray.

Birch, Edward, 1844-47. Brother of the above, b. 1830. Civil Engineer.

Birch, Francis Mildred, 1875. Son of J. W. Birch, Deputy Govr. of the Bank of England.

Birch, Frederic Lane, 1825, b. 1812. St. John's Coll. Cam. Rector of Wretham.

Birch, George Thackeray, 1876. Brother of Francis Mildred Birch (above).

Birch, Morley William, 1873. Son of Wm. Birch, of Wimbledon, b. 1859, d. 1875.

Birch,* Walter de Grey[1], 1851-60. Son of Samuel Birch LL.D., of the British Museum, b. 1842. Talbot Scholar. Trin. Coll. Cam. British Museum.

Bird, John, 1807, b. 1791. Peterhouse Coll. Cam. A.B. 1814.

Birkbeck, William Lloyd, 1824. Son of George Birkbeck, F.R.S., a physician in London, b. 1807. Fellow of Trin. Coll. Cam. 9th Wrangler. Barrister of Lincoln's Inn.

  1. See Errata