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List of Carthusians.

Borthwick, William Henry, 1847-48. Son of John Borthwick, of Crookston and Borthwick, Midlothian; b. 1832.

Borton, Silvanus Key, 1863. Son of the Rev. Canon Borton, b. 1853. Talbot Scholar, 1871. King's Coll. Cam. 3rd Class Classical and Theol. Tripos. Curate of S. Saviour's, Eastbourne.

Boscawen, George Henry, 1873. Son of Hon. and Rev. John Townshend Boscawen, b. 1859, of Lamorran, Cornwall.

Bostock, John Ashton (C.B.), 1828. Son of Dr. J. Bostock, b. 1815. Trin. Coll. Cam. Hon. Dep. Surgeon-General, Hon. Surgeon to Her Majesty. Served with the Buffs at the battle of Punniar, 1843 (Bronze Star); with the Scots Guards in the Crimea, Medal and four clasps. Companion of the Bath, &c.

Bosworth, Frederick William, 1840-44. Son of T. H. Bosworth, of Westerham, b. 1825. Silver Medal. Post-Master of Merton Coll. Oxf. Barrister, d. 1867.

Bosworth, Percy Mackie, 1847-51. Brother of the above, b. 1834. Lieut. 42nd Highlanders. Served in India during the Mutiny. Lucknow Medal. Died in India 1858.

Boulton, George, 1808-11, b. 1798.

Boulton, Godfrey, 1871. Son of James Boulton, Solicitor, b. 1858. Trin. Hall, Cam.

Boulton, Henry Edward, 1824, b. 1812.

Boulton, Thomas, 1808-11 b. 1798.

Bourchier,      , 1801-2.

Bourchier, Edward, 1824, b. 1810. Emm. Coll. Cam. Rector of Bramfield, Herts. Father of Sir Geo. Bourchier.

Bourchier, Robert Francis, 1817, b. 1804.

Bourdieu, John Henry, 1822, b. 1811. Indian Artillery.

Bourdillon, James, 1823. Son of Jas. Bourdillon, Bedford Square, London, b. 1812. Barrister.

Bourdillon, Stafford, 1823. Brother of the above, b. 1814. Abbotstone, Whiteparish, near Salisbury.

Bourke,* Walter Longley, 1870. Son of Hon. and Rev. G. W. Bourke, b. 1859.