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List of Carthusians.

Bowman, David, 1810.

Bowyear, William Francis, 1823, b. 1815.

Box,* Arthur Gould, 1871-75. Son of Rev. H. A. Box (below), b. 1858.

Box, Henry Adderly, 1835-39. Son of George M. Box, of Doctor's Common, b. 1819. Gold and Silver Medals. Scholar of Wadham Coll. Oxf. Curate of Heavitree, Exeter, d. 1869.

Box, John, 1821. Brother of the above, b. 1807.

Box, Kitson, 1835-40. Brother of the above, b. 1825. Merchant in So. America, d. 1858.

Box, William Frederick, 1835-38. Brother of the above, b. 1821. Indian Navy, d. 1858.

Boyce, Herbert Ridley, 1869-71. Son of Matthias Boyce, Solicitor, b. 1856.

Boyd* (Sir) Frederick (Bart.), 1831-39. Son of the late Sir John Boyd, Bart., b. 1820. Orator. Univ. Coll. Oxf. Rector of Wouldham, Kent.

Boyd, Frederick Blackhall, 1844-48, b. 1830. Trin Coll. Cam. Indian Army. Killed in action 1857.

Boyle,* Cavendish Charles, 1861. Son of Capt. C. S. Boyle (below), b. 1849. Thackeray Prize. Probate Court.

Boyle,* Cavendish Spencer, 1824. Son of Adml. the Honl. Sir Courtenay Boyle, and nephew of the 8th Earl of Cork, b. 1814. Ch. Ch. Oxf. 48th and 72nd Regts. Retired Capt. 1846. Governor D. M. P., Weedon, 1853, d. 1868.

Boyle, Charles Fremoult, 1869. Son of Capt. Robert Boyle, R.A. b. 1857. Now in Canada.

Boyle,* Charles John, 1814. Brother of Cavendish Spencer Boyle (above), b. 1806. Orator. Fellow of All Souls Coll. Oxf. Diplomatic Service.

Boyle,* Courtenay Edmund, 1857-63. Son of Cavendish Sp. Boyle (above), b. 1845. Orator. Silver Medal, &c. Student Ch. Ch. Oxf. 3rd Class Lit. Hum. Private Sec. to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 1868-73. Inspector Local Govt. Board 1873.