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List of Carthusians.

Campion,* Charles Thomas, 1875. Son of Henry Campion, M.R.C.S. Manchester. b. 1861.

Cane, Arthur Beresford, 1878. Son of the late Capt. Arthur B. Cane, 10th Regt. b. 1864.

Cannan, John Hay, 1820, b. 1809.

Cannan, Thomas, 1820, b. 1807.

Cape, Gervas, 1809, b. 1797, d. 1814.

Capel, Hon. Arthur Algernon, 1878. Son of the 6th Earl of Essex, b. 1864.

Capel-Cure,*Edward Capel, 1874. Son of Rev. L. G. Capel-Cure. Abbess Roothing, Ongar. b. 1860.

Cardale, Alfred, 1860-62. Son of the late J. B. Cardale, of Albury. b. 1845. Farmer at Canterbury, New Zealand.

Cardale, George, 1854-58. Brother of the above, b. 1839. Mathematical Medal. Oriel Coll. Oxf. Called to the Bar 1864. Admitted a Solicitor 1877. 2, Bedford Row.

Carden, John Rutter, 1826, b. 1810.

Carew, William Henry Pole, 1824-27. Son of the Rt. Hon. Reginald Pole Carew and grandson of the 1st Lord Lyttleton. b. 1811. Oriel Coll. Oxf. M.P. for E. Cornwall 1845-52. High Sheriff of Cornwall 1854.

Carey. Hewett, 1822. Eldest son of Peter Carey, b. 1811. Oriel Coll. Oxf. Holy Orders; deceased.

Carey, John, 1816, b. 1804.

Carey, John, 1821, b. 1810. Trin. Coll. Cam.

Carmichael (Sir) James Robert (Bart.), 1829. Son of Major-Genl. Sir James Carmichael Smyth, Bart. b. 1817. Was formerly an officer in the Army, D.L. of Kent, Chairman of the Submarine Telegraph Company, &c. Re-assumed (1841) the name of Carmichael only, in lieu of that of Carmichael-Smyth.

Carne, Joseph, 1824. Of Penzance, Cornwall, b. 1809. Trin. Coll. Cam. Holy Orders; d. 1836.

Carpenter, George Edward, 1852-58. Son of R. C. Carpenter (below), b. 1842. Solicitor. 4, Trafalgar Square.

Carpenter, Harry Stanley, 1873-75. Son of Col. Carpenter. b. 1857. Keble Coll. Oxf.