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List of Carthusians.

Chetwode,* George, 1802-10. Brother of the above, b. 1791. B.N.C. Oxf. Rector of Ashton-under-Lyne, d. 1870.

Chevallier, Barrington, 1832-37. Eldest surviving son of late Rev. John Chevallier, of Aspall, Suffolk. b. 1818. Scholar of B.N.C. Oxf. M.D. Several years Mayor of Ipswich.

Chevallier, John, 1832-34, b. 1817. Caius Coll. Cam. Holy Orders, d. 1854.

Chevallier, Charles Henry, 1839-42. Third son of late Rev. John Chevallier. b. 1823. Trin. Coll. Oxf. Holy Orders. Vicar of Aspall, Suffolk.

Chilcote, Henry, 1818, b. 1806.

Chilcote, Paul, 1818, b. 1808.

Child, Arthur, 1837-39, b. 1824. Merchant.

Child, Charles Henry, 1837-39, b. 1823. Solicitor.

Child, George Augustus, 1837-40, b. 1826.

Child, Sydney C., 1837-40, b. 1828.

Childers, Charles, 1818. Son of Col. John W Childers, M.P. of Cautley, Doncaster. b. 1806. Ch. Ch. Oxf. 2nd Class Lit. Hum. Vicar of Cautley. Chaplain at Nice. Canon of Gibraltar 1866.

Childers, Leonard, 1818. Brother of the above, b. 1804. Diplomatic Service; died at Panama 1826.

Chilton, George, 1809. Son of George Chilton, a Master of the Exchequer, b. 1796. Queens Coll. Oxf. 2nd Class Lit. Hum. Barrister. Q.C. Recorder of Gloucester, &c., d. 1852.

Cholmeley,* Norman Goodford, 1876. Son of the late Col. Montague Cholmeley. b. 1863.

Cholmeley, Randolph Lucas, 1875. Son of Stephen Cholmeley, of Kingston Hill, Surrey, b. 1861.

Church, Adolphus Edgar, 1844-48. Son of J. H. Church, Solicitor, Colchester, b. 1830. Solicitor. Coroner for Colchester.

Church, Henry John, 1844-45. Brother of the above. b. 1829. St. Bees Coll. Barrister 1874. Deputy Coroner for Colchester, &c.