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List of Carthusians.

Clifford, Henry Frederick, 1835. Son of Mr. Clifford, of Great Portland Street.

Clifton, Anthony Crole, 1826, b. 1812. Surgeon.

Clifton, Charles, 1878. Son of G. F. Clifton, of Constantinople.

Clifton, Charles Frederick, 1874. Son of E. N. Clifton (below).

Clifton, Edward Norton, 1828, b. 1817. Architect.

Clifton, Percival Robert, 1849-53. Son of Rev. Robert Cox Clifton, Canon of Manchester, b. 1834. Scholar of Linc. Coll. Oxf. Assistant Master in Sherborne School, d. 1873.

Clifton, Raymond George, 1854. Brother of the above. b. 1843, d. 1859

Clinch, Edward, 1850-53, b. 1837.

Clive, Theophilus, 1821. Son of Theophilus Clive, of Whitfeld, Hereford, b. 1808. Ch. Ch. Oxf.

Clogstown, Samuel, 1801-5.

Clowes, Edmund, 1842-45, b. 1828; died at Rio de Janeiro 1852.

Clutterbuck, John Lyon, 1837-41. Son of John Clutterbuck, of Warkworth, Northumberland, b. 1824. 37th Regt., died in India.

Coates, John, 1813-15, b. 1804.

Coates, Samuel, 1822. Son of John Coates, of Ripon. b. 1807. Jes. Coll. Cam. Perpetual Curate of Thirsk, Yorks. Hon. Canon of York, d. 1878.

Coates, Thomas, 1813-15. b. 1802.

Cobb, Edward Winstanley, 1874-77. Son of Mr. Cobb a Merchant in Portugal.

Cobbe, Charles, 1827. Eldest son of Chas. Cobbe, of Newbridge House, Co. Dublin, b. 1810. Ex. Coll. Oxf. Barrister. D.L. and High Sheriff for Co. Dublin, 1841.

Cobbe, Henry, 1829. Brother of the above, b. 1817. Oriel Coll. Oxf. Rector of Milton Bryant.