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Ah! folly—yonder solemn sky
    Is not for pity, but for prayer;
And Nature's universal eye
    Weeps not, though one wrung heart despair.
Oh wind! that with a noiseless wing
    Art wandering 'mid the olive grove,
In vain I ask of thee to bring
    Some solace for my grief and love.


Let echo, by thy voice, reveal
    All I would ask the wind to tell;
Echo might surely pity feel,
    For sorrow she hath known so well.
Ah! bring me one beloved face,
    Ah! breathe me one beloved name:
I wish I could one moment trace
    His path of fortune, and of fame.


Yet wherefore should I seek to know
    The path that I may never share;
Oh! flower, that for the sun dost blow,
    Say thou how dear is such fond care.
Life cannot fling again the gleam
    First flung on morning's glancing tide;
I'd rather keep its sweet sad dream
    Than win a waking world beside.