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He will think, when summer weather
    Lights some foreign forest glade,
How we used to roam together
    In the greenwood's golden shade.
When strange flowers are round him blowing,
    Purple in their eastern pride;
He'll recall the wild ones growing
    By his native river's side.


On some stranger's hearth when gazing
    With a home-awakened heart,
He 'll but see the wood fire blazing
    Where we wont to sit apart.
All life's dearest links enthrall thee,
    Wheresoever thou may'st roam;
Every thought that can recall me,
    Must recall, too, youth and home.


Yes! I see the gliding motion
    Of his vessel on the deep;
Oh thou far and fearful ocean,
    Carefully my loved one keep.
Ah, ye white sails slowly sweeping,
    Like the wings of some vast bird,
Stay one moment for my weeping:
    Let my last farewell be heard.