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This is the Zodiac speaking

Being that you will not wear some nice Zodiac Killer symbol.svg buttons, how about wearing some nasty Zodiac-logo.jpg buttons. Or any type of Zodiac-logo.jpg buttons that you can think up. If you do not wear any type of Zodiac-logo.jpg buttons, I shall (on top of everything else) torture all 13 of my slaves that I have wateing for me in Paradice. Some I shall tie over ant hills and watch them scream & twich and sqwirm. Others shall have pine splinters driven under their nails & then burned. Others shall be placed in cages & fed salt beef untill they are gorged then I shall listen to their pleass for water and I shall laugh at them. Others will hang by their thumbs & burn in the sun then I will rub them down with deep heat to warm