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Most Holy Child Jesus.


evil at all. To lose your hearing, your sight, your life even, is nothing beside the loss of God; and mortal sin loses the friendship of God, shuts the gate of Heaven, and opens hell to you.

If you have never committed a mortal sin, happy are you. Go on from good to better. Keep your first innocence. Once lost, neither gold, nor tears, nor your blood can buy it back again. By God's grace you have kept it, and through His grace alone can you keep it for the time to come. Do not think it will ever be safe for one moment without the grace of God, nor without great care on your own part.

If at any time you should have the unhappiness to fall into grievous sin, do not delay; go the very first chance you have to Confession. Make a good Act of Contrition, and the Blood of Jesus will cleanse you from your sin, and give you fresh strength and courage.